International FinTech standards

Innovation transcends borders.

We believe in leading and learning globally to impact locally.

Our strategic alliances with global organizations enable us to learn and share leading practices, ensuring that Ontario’s regulatory environment thrives in harmony with international advancements.

Through our international partnerships, we gain insights into emerging trends and practices, which help to refine and strengthen our own regulatory framework. Our ongoing engagement with international partners places us in a position of collaborative leadership. Together, we shape the global conversation on innovation in capital markets.

International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is the leading international policy forum for securities regulators and global standard setter for securities regulation. IOSCO members regulate over 95% of the world’s securities markets across approximately 130 jurisdictions and play a critical role in maintaining fair, efficient and transparent markets.

IOSCO coordinates cooperation between its members in the development, implementation and promotion of internationally recognized regulatory standards to protect investors and address systemic risks. The IOSCO Board governs and sets standards for the organization and comprises 35 securities regulators from around the world, including the OSC.

FinTech Standards through IOSCO Fintech Task Force

The IOSCO Fintech Task Force (FTF) develops, oversees and executes IOSCO's FinTech regulatory agenda, ensuring that global securities regulators are aware of the opportunities and challenges presented by FinTech.

Comprising representatives from 27 IOSCO Board member jurisdictions and chaired by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the FTF embodies a diverse and collaborative approach, bringing together expertise from around the world to address the rapidly evolving landscape of FinTech within capital markets. The FTF also coordinates with the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and other standard-setting bodies to ensure an informed and synchronized approach to FinTech-related matters on a global scale.

From 2022 to 2023, the FTF prioritized policy development for crypto and digital assets (CDA) and decentralized finance (DeFi) with a focus on market integrity, investor protection and financial stability. Through the Crypto and Digital Assets Working Group and the Decentralized Finance Working Group, the FTF worked to identify market trends and develop policy recommendations to help IOSCO members address CDA and DeFi activities within their jurisdictions. Consistent international standards for CDA and DeFi will also promote regulatory clarity which can help support responsible innovation while reducing regulatory arbitrage.

Review the FTF’s most recent publications:

The FTF published two final reports with policy recommendations on CDA and DeFi in 2023.

Our involvement in the FTF signifies our commitment to representing Ontario on a global stage and contributing to the development of FinTech regulations that align with international standards and support dynamic, innovative and competitive capital markets in Ontario. Through our involvement, we help shape the direction of global regulatory developments to ensure that Ontario's unique perspectives are incorporated into international standards and gain access to a broader perspective that helps inform our regulatory strategies and policies.